Uppsala, Sweden

We have developed a unique Stand-Alone for the municipality of Uppsala, known for its historical landmarks, including the royal mounds of ancient Uppsala. This public toilet includes a urinal, two regular toilets, and a disabled toilet.

What makes this Stand-Alone unique is the landscaping; the sides are adorned with various plants covering the entire exterior. This makes it look beautiful and seamlessly integrates with the green surroundings.

This toilet features an 'The Automatic system' that efficiently cleans and dries the entire toilet seat in the user area, ensuring that every user can enjoy a clean toilet.

Toilet system

This Stand-Alone is equipped with three 'The Automatic systems and one urinal. Two of them are regular Automatic systems and one wheelchair accessible Automatic system


Two public restrooms, one wheelchair-accessible restroom, and a urinal


Sides consist of a variety of plants, creating a unique look. Slanted roof and green powder-coated panels.

Date of installation