Stand-alone can be completely modified to fit the environment.

Our stand-alones have been developed for placement in the public environment. They can be found all around the world. Designed with vandalism, accessibility, and sustainability in mind. With a wide variety of design options, there is always something to fit your environment. Not sure what works, or looking for something different? We will work with you to create the best toilet unit for you.

Modular assembly and dismantlement

Modular assembly and dismantlement

At any time of the product life cycle components can be replaced and/or adjusted, causing the toilet unit to last for years.

Industrial Flexible Dismountable

Industrial Flexible Dismountable

By using an IFD building method allows us to easily reuse all parts of the unit.

Integration in the environment

Integration in the environment

In consultation with our or your own architects, any desired design can be realised in order to fit into the environment.

Sensor technology

Sensor technology

Multiple sensors in the toilet room for person detection. This helps to control the sliding doors, but also for activating the cleaning systems.

Fresh Scent

Fresh Scent

Our soap has a subtle yet fresh smell that can be smelled while entering the toilet area. With every flush and cleaning cycle, large surfaces in the unit will be refreshed.

Payment convenience

Payment convenience

To open the toilet the entrance plate can be equipped with: opening button (free toilet), coin machine (price adjustable), NFC module (for credit card), 0900-number (pay via text). Combinations are also possible.

Automated public toilet systems for everyone, everywhere.

To fulfill our mission of creating the safest, most hygienic public toilet we do it all ourselves: from design, to production, to placement, to maintenance. All from our headquarters in Rotterdam.

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    Expert in Water Systems
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    SMART City Concept

Due to our modular base, we are flexible in our design: Toilets can vary from compact to larger wheelchair-friendly toilets in different sizes. We can create units with urinals on the outside, units with multiple toilets, change of the position of the entrance and so on. By using an IFD building method it also allows us to easily reuse all parts of the unit.

Buttons for single and multiple operations are ergonomically positioned in order to minimize effort and maximize efficiency.

For visually impaired people
We make the toilet units as recognizable as possible on the outside. Inside, the parts are sufficiently contrasted with the rear wall to also be detectable for less well-sighted.

For wheelchair users
Multiple brackets, accessibility under the sink, a long mirror and minimum height differences provide an ergonomic toilet visit for wheelchair users.

No touch
Proximity sensors control the functions of opening the door, flushing the toilet and washing of hands. Because these sensors do not need to be touched, this results in cleaner surfaces and cleaner hands.

Hands dried in 10 seconds
We use powerful hand dryers to ensure that hands are completely dry in 10 seconds. Hands do not need to be rubbed, which provides hygiene benefits.

Automatic door opening
Our units can be equipped with a normal or a sliding door that can be automatically opened, so that people can effortlessly enter the toilet.

Safety comes first. This also applies to our toilet units. We have developed various systems that ensure that all our products are safe to use.

Emergency buttons
Three emergency buttons have been placed inside, which can be reached from any position. When one of these buttons is pushed, the unit’s door will open and lights on the outside will flash. An emergency message is also sent directly to the management system so immediate action can be taken.

Emergency power
In the event of a power failure, the toilet will switch to emergency power. This ensures that the user can complete their visit under any circumstance, and will not be locked inside.

Safety sensors
Motion and other safety sensors in the toilet unit check whether people or items remain inside after use. If the system registers anything, the cleaning cycle will be adjusted accordingly or will not be carried out at all.

Legionella protection
By regularly pumping the systems around, it is ensured that the water does not come to a standstill, even in the case of prolonged closure.

KIWA quality mark
We have the certificate on water-related safety aspects of “dangerous appliances”.

4G connection
A constant 4G connection with the toilet units is maintained. Various reports and any malfunctions are received in real-time, meaning that these can be responded to adequately.

In the development of our systems we pay special attention to sustainability. Because of the used materials and our way of building, our toilets are very sustainable. Furthermore, because the units can be Industrially Flexibly Disassembled, every component of the unit can be easily replaced or renewed. This ensures that the toilet unit continues to perform long term and does not lose its ‘looks’. This also means that the toilet units fit perfectly into a circular economy.

We have created our own cleaning products, produced under the name ‘Sani-sol’. We produce three fully biodegradable cleaning agents, ensuring that the maintenance of the unit is done in a sustainable manner. We are also proud to say that we are partners of the Smart for Sustainable Cities Programme (U4SSC) of the United Nations, working on 9 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Available toilet systems

The Revolving Toilet

A revolutionary self-cleaning toilet system for the public space. With a quick turn around time, every visitor will be able to experience a toilet that will be clean on the inside and out.

The Automatic

The Automatic contains an automated cleaning system which helps to keep the toilet seat efficiently clean. Every new visitor will be served a clean and dry toilet seat at all times with the Automatic.

Automated Public Toilet

The automated toilets are non self-cleaning toilets. To ensure cleaner surfaces and make the general use of the toilets as hygienic as possible the automated toilets are equipped with no-touch elements.

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