The Automatic

The Automatic by Sanitronics efficiently cleans the toilet seat after every use. This system gives every user access to a clean and dry toilet seat. It has been developed with vandalism, durability, comfort and hygiene in mind and has proven itself in practice. The cleaning of this system takes place inside the user area. Sensors check the unit for the presence of objects or people. As soon as nothing is detected, the cleaning cycle can start.

The innovative technology of The Automatic excels in several areas.

The automated cleaning system of the Automatic helps keep the toilet seat efficiently clean. The toilet seat is cleaned with the use of biodegradable cleaning agent. The materials of The Automatic guarantee a dry toilet seat after every cleaning cycle, and moreover, The Automatic has a low water and energy consumption. This efficient way of cleaning keeps the toilet attractive to visit and high maintenance costs a thing of the past.



The Automatic has a very innovative seat. The fixed toiletseat does not only look nice, it also feels warm and comfortabel, no matter the temperature. The exclusive material used for the toilet is also resistant to vandalism such as hammering, fire or graffiti. The chosen material is important to provide a hygienic and dry toilet, even under circumstances of mis-use or vandalism.

Technical Room

Technical Room

The Automatic by Sanitronics has a technical space that is equipped with a PLC cabinet that has a 4G connection to our server. This makes it possible to read real-time data and to control the unit remotely. This way potential faults can be solved quickly and adequately.



Buttons for single and multiple operations are ergonomically positioned in order to minimize effort and maximise efficiency.

Automated public toilet systems for everyone, everywhere.

To fulfill our mission of creating the safest, most hygienic public toilet we do it all ourselves: from design, to production, to placement, to maintenance. All from our headquarters in Rotterdam.

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A constant 4G connection with the toilet units is maintained. Various reports and any malfunctions are received in real-time, meaning that these can be responded to adequately. The information is collected in a very convenient dashboard. The dashboard will provide an overview of all the units and their live status. It will also provide information on a client portal. In the extreme case that the system is unable to remove all the filth from a toilet, for example in the event of a blockage, a message will be sent through the 4G connection. In this situation, the dirty toilet bowl will be retained until it is clean again while the second toilet can be used and cleaned automatically.

Live control
From the overview on the dashboard, Sanitronics is able to control the units at all times. Think of opening or closing the doors, adjusting settings related to individual parts, but also the possibility to change opening times or entrance fees at all times. In many cases, Sanitronics is able to provide assistance from a distance. Think of re-opening toilet doors after opening hours, or for example, changing the entrance fees.

Field service
This same dashboard is connected to our Salesforce Fieldservice maintenance platform. From the connectivity with our units, our maintenance staff can be directed automatically. The data collected within our dashboard directs the fieldservice platform to automatically organize interval maintenance when necessary.

The Automatic by Sanitronics has been developed to provide each user with a clean and dry toilet. That is why our toilet units are equipped with floor cleaning and no-touch elements ensuring that the units remain clean and hygienic after every use.

Our unique floor cleaning system is used within the toilet units to facilitate a clean and dry floor for every user.

Clean and dry
The floor in the toilet room is cleaned under high pressure with water and bio- degradable soap. Dirt is collected in a gutter behind the unit.

The floor consists of water- permeable black gravel tiles. After cleaning, remaining soapy water is drained by the porous floor, which is almost immediately dry and provides optimal grip.

Waste clearance
An often polluting element on the floor is toilet paper. The floor drainage is ideal for disposing of waste like this and other litter that visitors might leave behind.

To allow the toilet unit to function correctly in the long run, maintenance is required. All of our units have been developed in a way that not only allows modular building, but also modular maintenance. Sanitronics holds the entire process from development and design, to production and maintenance in-house. Sanitronics works with a plug and play wiring harness. When a certain component malfunctions, the

Technical Maintenance
We periodically carry out technical maintenance on the toilet unit, to ensure all parts remain intact and continue to function properly in the long run. After each maintenance, a report is issued to the client stating what has happened and what has been replaced if applicable.

Hygienic maintenance
The non-self-cleaning parts are kept in top condition during hygienic maintenance. Our cleaning team takes care of this. The frequency of the hygienic maintenance can be adjusted to your situation.

We would be more than happy to inform you on the different maintenance solutions.

Our toilet units are designed against improper use. This is why we only use high-quality materials in their development. The structure and exterior of the toilet unit are made entirely of high-quality stainless steel. Stainless steel is a sturdy and durable material that holds up well against vandalism, as well as harsh conditions like prolonged exposure to sand and/or salt.

The inner walls of the unit have an HPL surface. This makes the walls waterproof and easy to clean. Other aspects on the inside of the toilet unit, such as the toilet bowl and washbasin, are also made of stainless steel. This makes it more difficult to vandalize the unit. Furthermore, a maximum duration on the use of our toilet units can be set to prevent abuse and unauthorized long stays inside.

In the development of our systems we pay special attention to sustainability. Because of the used materials and our way of building, our toilets are very sustainable. Furthermore, because the units can be Industrially Flexibly Disassembled, every component of the unit can be easily replaced or renewed. This ensures that the toilet unit continues to perform long term and does not lose its ‘looks’. This also means that the toilet units fit perfectly into a circular economy.

We have created our own cleaning products, produced under the name ‘Sani-sol’. We produce three fully biodegradable cleaning agents, ensuring that the maintenance of the unit is done in a sustainable manner. We are also proud to say that we are partners of the Smart for Sustainable Cities Programme (U4SSC) of the United Nations, working on 9 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Available units

Our toilet units are fully customizable to fit your needs and fit within the streetscape. Besides our standard lay-outs and exteriors Sanitronics has built a large variety of customized units. Below you can find the different available units for The Automatic.

The Automatic


Units especially developed for the public environment.

The Automatic


Our toilet technologies installed in existing spaces.

The Automatic


Mobile units providing hygienic solutions on locations.

Check out our other toilet systems

Our toilet units are fully customizable to fit your needs and fit within the streetscape. Besides our standard lay-outs and exteriors Sanitronics has built a large variety of customized units. Below you can find the different available units for The Automatic.

The Revolving Toilet

A revolutionary self-cleaning toilet system for the public space. With a quick turn around time, every visitor will be able to experience a toilet that will be clean on the inside and out.

Automated Public Toilet

The automated toilets are non self-cleaning toilets. To ensure cleaner surfaces and make the general use of the toilets as hygienic as possible the automated toilets are equipped with no-touch elements.