Zandvoort, The Netherlands

Along the Boulevard in the tourist destination of Zandvoort, it is now possible, starting this season, to not only use our Revolving Toilet system but also to rinse off sand and saltwater after an afternoon at the beach in our shower area. Additionally, there are two urinals installed on the outside. Moreover, we have also considered the needs of camper guests as this unit features an external chemical disposal facility, which is free to use.

Click here to read about the official opening written by NH news

Toilet system

This unit is equipped with a revolving toilet system and designed to be wheelchair accessible. Additionally, the unit features a shower area, two urinals on the outside, and a separate chemical toilet.


One wheelchair-accessible revolving toilet, two urinals, a shower, and an external chemical toilet.



Date of installation


The Revolving Toilet unit + shower at the workplace
Urinal on the outside of the Revolving Toilet at the workplace + shower combination.
Corten steel unit in Zandvoort along the boulevard.
Corten Steel Revolving Toilet unit installed in Zandvoort along the boulevard.
Official opening of the wheelchair accessible Revolving Toilet Unit with double urinal and shower facility.
User space of the wheelchair-accessible Revolving Toilet with a solid shape washbasin.
Revolving toilet
Automatic hands-free washbasin made of solid shapes.
Emergency buttons on both sides of the washbasin with a mirror.
Stainless steel toilet roll holder.