Assen, The Netherlands

The municipality of Assen in the Netherlands has recently acquired a brand-new, (temporary) Corten-Steel unit. This unit aims to address the increasing demand for public toilet facilities in Assen.

Due to our close collaboration with the municipality from the outset regarding public toilet requirements, we could offer appropriate advice when it became apparent that the original plan for a stand-alone toilet was facing delays.

Since all our units are modular in design, this particular unit can fill the temporary gap in public toilets at the location until the development of the original public toilet by urban planning is completed.

Subsequently, the Corten-Steel unit will be relocated to another location in the city to provide clean and safe toilets for everyone there.

Click here to read about the opening written by Rick Jongsma from AssenStad news.

Toilet system

This unit is equipped with a revolving toilet system and designed to be wheelchair accessible.


One wheelchair-accessible revolving toilet.



Date of installation


User space of the wheelchair-accessible Revolving Toilet with a solid shape washbasin.
Revolving toilet
Automatic hands-free washbasin made of solid shapes.
Emergency buttons on both sides of the washbasin with a mirror.
Stainless steel toilet roll holder.