Poole, United Kingdom

In the District of Bournemouth lies the town of Poole. This town is situated on the second largest natural harbor in the world: Poole Harbour.

But that's not all; Poole also has the honor of being home to the United Kingdom's first Revolving Toilet. This publicly accessible toilet stands out with its striking white panels against the surroundings, making it easily visible to anyone looking to use this facility.

The toilet system in this Stand-Alone is 'Revolving Toilet' which guarantees a clean toilet every time, and the washbasin made of the sturdy material SolidShapes contributes to a hygienic and safe visit as well.

Toilet system

This Stand-Alone is equipped with a The Revolving Toilet system and designed to be accessible for wheelchair users.


Public wheelchair accessible restroom


White Powdercoated panels

Date of installation