Orléans, France

Along the highway near Orléans, there has been an Ionity mobility hub since June 2023, featuring 6 charging stations and a parking area used, among others, by BlaBlaCar. At this location, you'll find our wheelchair-accessible, Stand-Alone, with powder-coated white panels, and a 'The Revolving Toilet' system. The distinctive white exterior ensures that this Stand-Alone seamlessly blends into Ionity's color palette.

Thanks to the quick cleaning cycle of 'The Revolving Toilet' system, we can guarantee all users, whether from the Ionity mobility hub or the shared parking area, a swift turnaround time.

Welcome to the future, with 24/7 service for all visitors.

Toilet System

This Stand-Alone is equipped with a 'The Revolving Toilet' system and is designed to be wheelchair-accessible.


One Wheelchair-accessible Revolving Toilet


White powder coated panels on the outer walls

Date of Installation