Laufey Welcome Center Build-In

In Bakki, Iceland, a new sustainable next-generation energy station is being built. This project by Laufey Welcome Center offers travelers high-quality, tech-savvy service solutions.

The design of this center in Bakki, as well as other centers across Iceland, is made to harmonize with the local surrounding neighborhoods around the country.

The Laufey Welcome Center in Bakki will be open 24/7 and will feature interactive information, charging stations for electric cars and devices, clean restrooms, a local market, and Iceland’s first multilingual touchscreen vending store offering a variety of products such as hot and cold drinks, healthy food, travel necessities, and souvenirs.

We delivered 2 naked units providing 5 restrooms, one of which is accessible for people with special needs, inside this next-generation energy station. This is an important step for Sanitronics, developing from standalone public restrooms towards self-cleaning restrooms inside traditional highway service stations.

Read more about the project on their website here