Emmeloord, The Netherlands

In the busy shopping center of Emmeloord, Netherlands, you'll find our wheelchair-accessible The Revolving Toilet on the parking lot. This unit, with its stunning Corten steel exterior, is designed to be user-friendly for everyone. The specially designed washbasin ensures that people with a colostomy bag can also use it with ease.

Watch the video below of the opening of the unit made by Omroep Flevoland.

Toilet system

This unit contains one Revolving Toilet. By using two bowls, The Revolving Toilet ensures quick turnaround time and a clean and dry toilet for every user - no matter how many times it's been used before them.


One Revolving Toilet



Date of installation


Instalation of the Revolving Toilet in Emmeloord
Installed pre-oxidised unit in city center
Corten-steel oxidised unit in city centre
Inside wheelchair-accessible revolving toilet unit with mirror and solid shape washbasin
the revolving toilet
hands-free washbasin made of solid shapes
emergency buttons and washbasin
toilet paper holder inside the unit