Aschaffenburg, Germany

In the far northwest of the German state of Bavaria lies Aschaffenburg. This city, situated near the Main River, inaugurated the Fastned Mobility Hub in 2023.

This Mobility Hub features eight covered charging points and our public, wheelchair-accessible, 'The Revolving Toilet' system. This Stand-Alone is adorned with powder-coated green side panels featuring a Fastned recognition light point and a custom-made rear wall in the user area.

This 'The Revolving Toilet' system ensures that users of the Fastned mobility hub can quickly access a clean and dry toilet while charging. Thanks to the cleaning cycle, both the toilet seat and the floor of the user area are thoroughly cleaned, providing users with a safe and clean toilet at any time of the day.

Additionally, this Stand-Alone is equipped with a payment module.

Toilet System

This Stand-Alone is equipped with a 'The Revolving Toilet' System and designed to be wheelchair-accessible


Public wheelchair-assessable restroom


Powder-coated dark green panels with an illuminated Fastned landmark outside, and a custom-made panel behind the toilet bowl in the user area.

Installation date