Wheelchair-Accessible Revolving toilet opened at De Wassenaarse Slag.

"As a municipality, we consider it important to have these public and wheelchair-accessible toilet units available. One in four people refrains from going out for a walk because they cannot find a toilet in time. This is certainly unacceptable, and we all understand the importance of staying active." - Councilor Ronald Zoutendijk of Wassenaar

Since Wednesday, February 21, the first wheelchair-accessible Revolving Toilet has opened at the Wassenaarse Slag. This Stand-Alone, Corten steel look, stands adjacent to the Zeelust parking lot near the beach entrance, fulfilling a long-held desire of Wassenaar's residents.

In collaboration with the municipality of Wassenaar, the first wheelchair-accessible Revolving Toilet has been completed and inaugurated with great celebration. After opening remarks from inclusion councilor Ronald Zoutendijk, PvdA committee member Marvin van der Nat cut the ribbon and became the first to test the Stand-Alone Revolving Toilet with his wheelchair.

Following a brief demonstration of the floor flushing and cleaning cycle of our 'The Revolving Toilet' system, the Corten-Steel-look wheelchair-accessible restroom was made available for its first users.

For a small fee, all residents and visitors of the Wassenaarse Slag can now use a safe and hygienic restroom.

Soon, the municipality of Wassenaar plans to install three more Stand-Alone 'The Revolving Toilets', including one in the center of Wassenaar, contributing to an inclusive society.

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From left to Right: Daryll Groenhuijzen from Sanitronics, PvdA committee member Marvin van der Nat,
Ida Spelt from the Wassenaar Disabled Foundation, councilor Ronald Zoutendijk, and DLW faction leader Ben Paulides.