Sanitronics wins procurement for the city of Stuttgart

“With a fast growing presence in the German private market, we are proud that a large city now recognizes our quality and capabilities. It will be very satisfying to provide a safe and hygienic restroom experience for the people of Stuttgart” - Chief Toilet Officer Coen van Houwelingen

Following a procurement organized by Pesch und Partner, Sanitronics came out on top in a competition where design and quality were leading.

The design for the public restroom buildings has been created in a close collaboration with the internationally known Architect Wiel Arets Architects

Sanitronics will produce and install at least 27 public restroom buildings in various designs and layouts. Including restrooms with facilities that go far beyond ‘standard’ wheelchair accessibility, meeting the ‘Leben Pur’ requirements.

Sanitronics will also be responsible for hygienic and technical maintenance, for a period of 15 years.

The total contract value for this procurement will be at least 11.5 Million Euro’s