Sanitronics wins Amsterdam procurement

"We look forward to the collaboration with Sanitronics in the coming years. Together, we will ensure more accessible, clean toilets in the city for everyone."

Text: City of Amsterdam

Amsterdam values the importance of being accessible to everyone. This includes providing good, clean public toilets that are accessible to all. Therefore, the city is investing at least €4 million in new public toilets in parks and green recreational areas over the coming years. Additionally, the municipality is exploring opportunities to install new toilets in other locations and replace outdated public toilets.


This month marks a significant milestone: following a European tendering process, the municipality has entered into a framework agreement with the Dutch company SANITRONICS for supplying, installing, and managing the new public toilets. Sanitronics has proven its ability to meet high standards in the tendering process. An essential requirement is that the toilets are self-cleaning. After each use, the toilet cleans the bowl and the floor. During an extensive practical test, Sanitronics demonstrated that the toilets can even remove dirt like peanut butter from the seat. Quite refreshing! Moreover, the new toilets are wheelchair accessible, gender-neutral, and their design fits into the Amsterdam streetscape.