Opening public restroom in Molenwaterpark, Middelburg

This week marked the official opening of the public 'Revolving Toilets' restroom in the municipality of Middelburg. The Molenwaterpark location was chosen as the venue for this event. Although this Corten-steel public restroom had already been in use, it had not yet been officially opened. Under the Zeeland sun, councilor Jeroen Louws spoke a few words about the realization of this project, which involved replacing two public toilets as well as installing the aforementioned toilet.

This initiative was prompted by a motion previously submitted by three council members: Ella Poppe (CDA), Vera Barentsen (LPM), and Huib Ghijsen (SP).

The Corten steel unit is accessible to people with disabilities and houses our 'Revolving Toilet' system. From now on, both park visitors and passersby can use a hygienic and clean restroom.