Opening ‘The Revolving Toilet’ Emmeloord

The municipality of Emmeloord recently fulfilled a long-standing request from the local community by installing a public toilet on the newly renovated parking lot near Jumbo on De Boei. This convenient facility allows shoppers to access a toilet for a fee of 50 euro cents.

The unique feature of this toilet is its self-cleaning mechanism. Within the building, there is a Revolving Toilet System. After each use, The used toilet bowl rotates to the back of the structure for cleaning, while the other toilet bowl rotates forward, ensuring that the next person can quickly access a clean and available facility within just 20 seconds.

The introduction of this public toilet has been championed by the municipal council, particularly the PvdA (Labour Party), who recognized the need for such a facility in the town centre as early as 2018. PvdA council member Henk van der Linde believes it is a worthwhile investment, meeting the needs of individuals who face difficulties with accessing public restrooms.

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Instalation of the Revolving Toilet in Emmeloord
Installed pre-oxidised unit in city center
Corten-steel oxidised unit in city centre
Inside wheelchair-accessible revolving toilet unit with mirror and solid shape washbasin
the revolving toilet
hands-free washbasin made of solid shapes
emergency buttons and washbasin
RVS toilet paper holder inside the unit