Inauguration Charging hub NEXT Charge Experience x C-CAR

Everyone has the right to a safe and hygienic toilet at all times.

On the 8th of December, we had the pleasure of attending the official inauguration in Longueil Sainte Marie, located at exit #9 on the A1, hosted by C-CAR. This collaboration with C-car and NEXT Charge Experience is a significant step toward meeting the growing need for safe and hygienic public restroom facilities.

Our innovative solution, #TheAutomatic, plays a crucial role in ensuring these standards. Together with C-car, we're dedicated to providing a space where people can recharge their vehicles while having the possibility to relax and refresh themselves. This partnership underscores our joint commitment to enhancing customer experiences and promoting cleanliness without compromise.




Longueil Sainte Marie, France

Toilet System

The Automatic


- C-car
- NEXT Charge Experience