De Lumineuze Nachten 2023/2024

Kasteel de Haar was once again the stage for 'de Lumineuze Nachten', the largest open-air cinema in the Netherlands.

This time, it mesmerized young and old with breathtaking projections and mysterious tales. In collaboration with the team behind 'de Lumineuze Nachten', we provided restrooms for this family event using our 45-foot mobile unit, the Sanitronics45.

Equipped with 9 Revolving Toilets this 45-foot mobile unit ensured every visitor had access to hygienic and safe restrooms. Furthermore, thanks to the illuminated panels above the entrance doors, the Sanitronics45 was prominently visible, even from a considerable distance.

We take pride in providing visitors with a hygienic solution throughout Lumineuze Nachten.

Mobile unit, Sanitronics45