Chief Toilet Officer meets Mr. Toilet

It's good that you can recycle the floor washing water after filtration for 50x. -Jack Sim

Last week we had the honour of showing Jack Sim, founder of the World Toilet Organization, our #TheRevolvingToilet in our factory in Rotterdam. During this visit we talked about the possibilities and needs in Singapore and China.

Who is Mr.Toilet and what is the WTO?

Jack Sim, also known as Mr. Toilet, is the founder of the World Toilet Organization (WTO), a global non-profit organization dedicated to improving toilet and sanitation conditions worldwide. Since its founding on November 19, 2001, the WTO has aimed to empower people through education, training, and the creation of local market opportunities to promote clean and safe sanitation facilities in their communities. Breaking the silence around the sanitation crisis is central to the WTO's efforts.

Key milestones of the WTO include the establishment of World Toilet Day and the World Toilet Summit in 2001, and the founding of the World Toilet College in 2005. Through these initiatives, the WTO provides an international platform for toilet associations, governments, academic institutions, foundations, UN agencies, and businesses to exchange knowledge and mobilize media and corporate support to promote clean sanitation facilities and public health policies.

A crucial moment for the global sanitation movement came in 2013 when the UN General Assembly adopted the resolution 'Sanitation for All' and officially declared November 19 as UN World Toilet Day. In the same year, the WTO was also granted consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

Their mission

Our mission is to build the global sanitation movement through collective action that inspires and drives demand for sanitation, and to provide innovative solutions to achieve sustainable sanitation for everyone. We do this by:

- Advocacy that mobilizes people to take action,
- Education, advice, and capacity building,
- And sustainable sanitation solutions, where we adopt a market-based approach whenever possible.

With this mission and vision, the WTO remains committed to a future where clean and safe toilets are the norm, not the exception.